Too Late To Mourn began as the result of a heavy snowstorm over thirty years ago, during which two strangers found themselves stranded together, traveling through Paris. Their paths merged for only a short time, but this meaningful encounter will never be forgotten.

Hans listened intently as Abdulai, the Afghani doctor he had acquainted confided his brilliant life story, as it was concluding due to progressing Leukemia. His was a life filled with educational success, religious enlightenment, scientific research, struggles of a single parent, a destructive marriage instigated by progressive movement, followed by estrangement from his children and looming end, estimated in months and weeks.

Abdulai offered to take Hans with him through his snowy travels, as far as Switzerland. He would then carry on to his home country of Afghanistan. Before the two parted ways, Abdulai requested that Hans write his memoir. His passing followed shortly thereafter and Hans never saw or heard from the man again. Thirty years later, a family member found a handwritten note from the doctor asking them to get in touch with Hans. They found him some time later in New York.

Provided with the doctor’s diary and various documents and transcripts from his life, Hans has finally be able to fulfill his promise. Not only is this novel a reflection of a man’s life, but also a testament to the lasting legacy he left behind. This is the memoir of Abdulai, Too Late To Mourn.


Christian and Lynn are overjoyed to have contributed to carrying on Abdulai’s legacy through written documentation of his extraordinary life. In fulfilling a promise made decades ago, they learned a lot about the perseverance of the human soul. They are continually inspired and thankful for the opportunity to share Too Late To Mourn with readers everywhere.